Chris Dyer

Former CEO at PeopleG2

Keynote Speaker, Leadership Consultant, Bestselling Author, CMO, Remote Work Leader and Advocate.

Chris Dyer


Chris Dyer

🔥 International Keynote Speaker(Ranked # 1 by Forbes)

⚙️Top 40 Change Management Guru

🙌🏾 Top 50 Global Thought Leader 2021

👨Company Culture Expert and Consultant

🏠 Remote Work Expert

📚 Bestselling Author: The Power of Company Culture and Remote Work:

Chris Dyer is a recognized company culture and remote work expert. As a former CEO managing thousands of people, his companies consistently were named a best place to work. They have also been named a fastest growing company by Inc Magazine 5 times. Chris routinely consults and speaks, and Inc Magazine ranked him as the #1 Leadership Speaker on Culture. He has two bestselling books The Power of Company Culture and Remote Work, and has been named #5 on the Leadershum Power List, a Top 40 Change Management Guru, a Top 50 Global Thought Leader, and a Top 50 leadership podcast just this year.

As a leadership speaker his goal is to inspire audiences with a straightforward delivery, insightful candor, and engaging humor. His talks leave audiences permanently transformed, offering innovative perspectives on leadership to improve company culture, and empower organizations to discover new successes. Countless companies have unlocked productivity, performance, and profits by implementing his 7 Pillar Strategy

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